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Karol Kares Foundation
is a non profit organization(501c3), the focus on providing urban youth with resources to choose and "Plan Future Career Goals", "Develope Social Skills" and as well as promote "Pro-Heath Choices". Providing this service will give youths a starting point and a much greater chance to learn about concrete short term and long term goals requirements that need to be met in order to achieve their career of choice based on their age while participating in our program. By choosing a career at a much more impressionable age, these youths will begin to develop a more realistic mind set about their choices and the goals that are set by them.

This community program participates in educating and enlighten in various forms of career goals, social skills and the modern day workforce requirements. We also promote physical recreation and proper dieting with urban youth. Karol Kares Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provide a service for youth from 10-17 years of age. Are goal is to provide a positive and structured way of living, learning and growing during school, home and while in the community. 

"Sharing the Key to Knowledge"

Our Mission
The purpose of the Karol Kares Foundation is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth and help them achieve their highest potential through the support of various services such as planning of educational career goals, assistance with modern day workforce requirement and Pro-Heath choices. These programs are designed for urban youth who require special assistance and encouragement due to the large negative element in their community. Our goal is, therefore, to provide awareness of a broader life expectation, to create a strong work ethic and leadership skill, and to facilitate productive therapeutic growth while residing in an urban community.





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