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Karol Kares Foundation Inc is a 501c (3) nonprofit organization that seeks to increase education awareness of college and career opportunities among students in urban Buffalo, New York and throughout Erie County.

Through Karol Kares Foundation Inc's programs, implemented by a well trained staff, opportunities to assist with the reduction lack of school attendance and non completion of basic education will be a direct result of increasing the number of student who attend and eventually graduate form post secondary institutions. Supporting the development of self -confidence, knowledge, and personal motivation, Karol Kares Foundation Inc. provides students with a thorough foundation for future success.

In support of our main goal, "Youth Career Develop Program" aspires to:

       *Provide a "One on One Mentor" for students to assist them in developing and reaching goals

        * Offer a variety of career-focused support and resources

        * Conduct performance reviews and proved customizes assistance 

        * Establish supportive relationship among students, parents and staff

        * Provide opportunities for hands-on work experience

        * Perform mock interview training
        * Engage in volunteering services throughout the community

        * Promote physical heath to support student's general well-being

        * And More....

With the goal of strengthening  community relations, Karol Kares Foundation Inc presents "Community O.R.B. Program" that focus on uniting the following groups in the urban community..

                 *Organizations (churches, non-profit groups, private/public service providers, etc)

                 *Residents (youth and families in our community)

                 *Businesses (local small businesses)

Aspired to unite families, professionals and community base groups to become a more effective resource in there community. By providing positve option to "not just be in the community" but be " part of the community". Karol Kares Foundation will assist with building long lasting and motivationg activites in the urban community with particpating groups. See our "update" section for more details.

All programs will be conducted on scheduled days, after public school sessions. A basic application will be required before admission of this program to document youth/community participation. These programs are designed to increase awareness in the urban community on the vital important on completion of education, planning career goals, modern day employment and physical fitness.

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